I’ve been thinking for some time that I should probably upload my archaeological bibliographies – that is, my collections of references. It’s actually quite a lot of work sifting through all the countless articles and books, but all that information usually just sits on my computer unloved and largely unlooked at.

So here are a few of the reference lists I’ve collected for various different archaeological areas. They are not exhaustive, and to be honest some of the seminal works are missing because they’re so seminal I don’t reference them very often and therefore don’t have digital references for them.

Archaeological materials:

Archaeological statistics

Archaeological theory and thought

Most of the works are academic journals or books aimed at the expert field, so whilst they’ll be of use to masters and some undergraduate students who are looking for further reading, they may not be all that useful as introductions to the areas. I’ll try and pick out some good introductory books when I see them.


(Any corrections, etc, let me know).


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