March 4 Women was awesome! Why can’t more protests be like this?

Recently I've been trying to do more on-the-street protest and action, rather than just digital/petitions/donations. I've also realised that London protests and marches are an excellent way to catch-up with friends and family, and that they are most enjoyable when you have someone to share the experience with. With all of the absolute garbage coming … Continue reading March 4 Women was awesome! Why can’t more protests be like this?

Please bear with me whilst I update the site

Just a quick note to say that I am in the process of updating this site. As you'll notice if you go poking around, most of the information pages (see the grey home bar at the top of the screen) are heinously out of date. Please bear with me as I find the time to go through them, and if you have any questions, feel free to just email me directly (my email address is cunning disguised in the box to the right).

Summary of the Roundtables at the 9th Conference 2015

The article linked in the post featured below is mine, the product of minute-taking at the roundtables in January. Next time we’re hoping to get more attendees, from a more diverse background. We were lucky to get a number of contributors from Experimental Archaeology Associations in Europe, but only a few contributors from Universities, and these were predominantly UK-based.

Experimental Archaeology Conference

A summary of the roundtable discussions undertaken at the beginning of the 9th Experimental Archaeology Conference can now be found online on Exarc Journal’s website, or in their Exarc Journal Digest (2015/1).

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