‘Finds and features’ : a commonly used phrase in the ‘grey-literature’ of commercial archaeology. Referring to objects (finds) and alterations to the landscape below ground (features).

I started writing here in 2008. I was initially inspired by all of the fascinating archaeology I was reading about and analysing whilst working for English Heritage (as was) on the Greater London Heritage Environment Record, and I continued to write when I started my PhD at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, in 2009.

The archive of posts from 2008-2015 starts with the archaeology of London, and then moves on to talk about past technologies and materials. I self-taught GIS mapping software, and my work for English Heritage combined big datasets with maps so you’ll also see some GIS work here. I held a number of Teaching Assistant positions, and occasionally I posted about my experiences teaching and learning. I like a good dataset, a nice cluster analysis and the occasional PCA, and I also became fascinated with hands-on practical aspects of ancient technologies, including smithing and casting, so there’s quite a mix of posts.

I also run the Experimental Archaeology Conference UK website, so you’ll see a number of references to that in the archive, along with all the many other conferences I went to whilst I was an archaeologists.

These days I work in Higher Education from the administrative side, and I volunteer with people in emotional crisis. I decided in January 2017 to keep this site going, and to retain all of the previous material, as hundreds of people still use it every day. But the content of the site is changing, so don’t be surprised if the archaeological writing retreats steadily into the distance, whilst I focus on new subjects of interest.



3 thoughts on “Site

  1. Greetings Ruth,

    Hey, how’s it going? Over the past couple of weeks I have been perusing various forensics sites and I came across your site via a third party blogroll. I was wondering if I could re-post one of your blog entries (“Looking for Archaeologists???”) on my website, with a link back to your homepage? Do you have any idea what happened to that mass grave that was mentioned in your article?

  2. Ruth,
    Your review of the 2010 Archaeometry Conference was helpful to me.
    Do you know where I could find a list of previous archaeometry conferences, their dates and their location?
    I am in particular need for the date of one which was held in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, in the 1980’s.
    Thank you

    1. I think that one was held in 1984. The proceedings were published in 1986:

      International Archaeometry Symposium (24th : 1984 : Smithsonian Institution): Proceedings of the 24th International Archaeometry Symposium / Jacqueline S. Olin and M. James Blackman, editors. Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Press, 1986.

      I’m afraid that’s the only information I have been able to find on it; unfortunately there isn’t a good website for the conference.

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