As I discussed yesterday, I’m struggling with how I feel about where we (the left? the not-right?) are right now. I don’t imagine I’m the only one that feels this way. At the moment, the only thing I can think of right now is to just keep going. Keep writing letters, signing petitions, donating to groups doing the hard work, and keep learning.

So I thought I’d do a fresh post along the lines of this one from a few weeks ago, with a few things you can do from the comfort of your sofa:

  • Write to a Lord in the House of Lords about Brexit/refugees/Trump. WriteToThem has a trial system allowing you to identify a relevant Lord to your interests (they don’t have constituencies, so you need to pick one based on their/your interests/location/politics) and email them. The email goes to a central clearing address, who then pass it on to the relevant Lord. I did this yesterday (picking Lord Renfrew for our shared passion for archaeology), so I haven’t received an reply yet, but I know it got as far as the central clearing office.
    The Lords have the power vote on, debate, and amend the bills that will affect us all, and sometimes they even vote against things that have been passed by Parliament. They are probably our last hope to get any amendments to the Brexit bill.
  • Donate to a charity supporting trans people in the US. After Trump rescinded guidance saying that schools had to let students use bathrooms that reflect their gender identity, trans people are less protected, and are now the focus of more of the right-wing hate that Trump instigates and harvests to propel himself. For US charities, try Trans Lifeline for trans people in crisis or Transgender Law Centre (thanks to @oakwoodward for links) or for UK charities, see the groups listed under ‘Support Groups and Information’ here.
  • Donate to the Science March London so they can plan their route and get their permissions etc sorted. Yes, I have problems with (some of) the march position/organisation, yes it isn’t perfect. But if I wait for everything to be bloody perfect we’re never going to do anything, so I’ll take imperfect-but-trying.
  • Donate to WhatTheFuckJustHappenedToday, an amazing day-by-day newsletter on what Trump is doing right now. Honestly, it’s really something – an informative, simple, quick read that gets you up to speed on the day’s US happenings without having to wade your way through a dozen different news sources.
  • Sign this petition against the deportation of refugee Shiromi back to Sri Lanka, a country she hasn’t been to since she was a child, and help her stay in the UK and complete her degree.
  • Sign this petition by Amnesty International, calling for refugee children to have the same rights as adults to bring their families to the UK once their application has been accepted.

And if you’re feeling active, here are a couple of protests in the near future:

  • March for Women, Sunday 5th March 2017. 11am, Southbank at the Scoop, then across Tower Bridge. I’ll be there, and I’m taking my mum! Worth saying it’s for all advocates of equal rights, whatever your gender or expression.
  • Unite for Europe, Saturday 25th March 2017. 11am Park Lane London, marching to Parliament (2 miles). Aiming to show our representatives and the public that we still want to remain in the EU.
  • Science March London, Saturday 22nd April 2017. One of dozens or more taking place across the world on this day.

Have a good week folk.


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