As I explained earlier, I’m taking part in #AcBoWriMo. As the whole idea is rather loosely shaped at the moment, I can basically decide what I want to do. This is probably a good idea, if the idea is going to have any legs, as academic writing is a rather varied business. However, as with the original Nanowrimo, commitment is the key.

My intention is to write a thousand words a day on something related to my research. At the moment that’s going to include drafting bits for my thesis, an article I’m trying to finish up on the Altberger 1 material, and perhaps another on the dreaded helmet which I’ve been avoiding for about a year. I’m also tempted to count a conference paper I’m giving at the Historical Metallurgy Society’s Research in Progress meeting on the 9th November and haven’t written yet.

I feel that the thesis is what I should be writing, the articles clearly count as academic, and the conference paper is a bit cheeky but – considering it’s on my thesis work – probably counts. However the question remains – should I include blogging? I do have two blog entries waiting in the wings, and my writing here is related to my academic work. But is it cheating? It’s very easy to knock out a blog post – whereas it’s a lot more taxing to write-up analytical work. Opinions, as ever, gratefully received.


One thought on “#AcBoWriMo – What type of writing counts?

  1. You are lucky to have the choice; I don’t, so I am biased, but I would point out, you blog can be read 24hrs per day in any language and in colour by anyone in the world for free.
    Clearly, your blog does not count in the elite world of academic study, but at least those who ultimately pay your wages, [if your lucky enough to get some], get to find out what new discoveries they have bought.

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