Thanks to some extremely hard work by our Graduate Supervisor it looks like our Institute will finally be taking Teaching Assistants seriously.

Not only have they opened up more TA positions, but these positions actually promise to pay for more than 12 hours and explicitly require marking, seminars, etc. We’ve been agitating for an opening up of teaching opportunities to PhD students for the last year or so, so this is extremely exciting. Hopefully when the rest of the department’s faculty see what a benefit TAs can be they’ll all want us to help them out, fingers-crossed!

Applications are open until the beginning of August so I thought it was definitely time I jazzed up my frankly hideously ugly CV. After much hunting I found some absolutely beautiful graphic designer CVs up at ThemeFlash and was inspired to redesign my CV accordingly (it owes a lot to Joshua Clark’s CV on that page).

I’d appreciate feedback if anyone has any – you can download the CV here: RFT CV July 201. The application brief called specifically for a 2 page teaching focus.


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