I’m cooking dinner for some friends tomorrow, and in order to match a game we’re playing I decided to do a ‘Viking’ style meal. This became a lot more difficult when I remembered it would have to be vegetarian!

Turns out that most of the meals referred to in texts of the right(ish) period are rather meat-based. This is unsurprising considering the only meals worth talking about are feasts and celebrations. There was mention of the Leek and Herb broth for injured warriors… but as I don’t need to sniff anyone’s open stomach-wounds to see if their guts have been punctured I decided against that.

In the end I used a small guide I found on the internet entitled Early medieval Norse food and feasting. This is 9th-12th century in its perspective, and is a handy crib-sheet on what ingredients one could get away with. It’s actually by a re-enactment group from Australia, but I rather liked the tone and the information seemed accurate enough.Obviously I didn’t bother checking it very hard because I’m just interested in grabbing ideas for a dinner, but I appreciated that it appeared to include a list of vegetable evidence that had been found in archaeological contexts.

Anyway, I’ve decided to go for a pea and watercress soup, honey-glazed roasted root vegetable (obviously without any potatoes!) and fresh bread and butter. I also recieved a rather helpful page on Scandinavian cheeses from Alun, and am looking forwards to trying out some Jarlsberg. If anyone else has any suggestions, let me know!


2 thoughts on “Viking food

  1. Don’t forget to hang up your butter in a skin, wait for it to go rancid then just peel back the skin & scoop out a bit of that buttery goodness 🙂

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