My review of the 38th International Symposium of Archaeometry, which was held in Tampa in 2010, has been published in PIA – the Papers of Institute of Archaeology. You can find the article here – under CC3.0 license. I’ve had two conference/event reviews in HMSNews, but I think this is my first ‘published’ work in a journal. Obviously I am pleased, and so far the article seems to have gone down well.

In a separate matter, I am also on the front cover of that issue of the PIA, in a photograph of my analysis work of the Crosby Garrett helmet. There was a mix-up over the publication of some unfinished date, but as that’s now largely cleared up thanks to the very good editor at PIA I am happy to link to the article in the ‘forum’ section of PIA issue 20 where the helmet is being discussed.

I am working on an article which will publish the correct data on the portable XRF analysis of the helmet in a full and rigourous manner, and when that’s confirmed I will of course link to it.


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