UCL Institute of Archaeology in conjunction with the Department of Anthropology have introduced a new MA in Culture, Materials & Design.

I’ve pasted the blurb below. I have to admit it looks very interesting and I am wishing I had the chance to sit-in on some of the course earlier! As much as us UK archaeologists might ignore anthropology, it does have a whole lot of really useful tools and approaches to thinking about technology and artefacts. A little more cross-disciplinary co-operation wouldn’t go amiss, and such joint courses can only be a good thing.

Blurb from UCL:

Why take the MA in Culture, Materials & Design?

• Training in social science methodologies and material science approaches to explore the technical, aesthetic and symbolic properties of specific materials and how these interact with production technologies and consumption choices
• Offers comprehensive understanding of the role of culture and society in materials selection, the design process, manufacturing and consumption
• Equips students with the knowledge and skills relevant to careers in materials consultancy, design project support, product marketing, and museums and the heritage industry
• Includes tailored programmes offering specialist training in key areas of archaeology and anthropology as well as museum collections
• Provides access to established partnerships and placement opportunities with cultural and creative organizations across the UK

For further information and application process see: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/culture-materials-design/


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