How exciting! Name, email address, research topic and keywords for me are now up on the UCL Institute of Archaeology website. (Scroll down to the bottom – they’re in no particular order!).

Isn’t legitimacy rather reassuring? I have to admit I’m probably the only grad student who was determined to put their ‘wider academic interests’ into the ‘research topic’ section, but damn it – the bloody dissertation topic does not describe me as a researcher! It’d be nice to get my own web page at UCL… but you can imagine the amount of red-tape our student reps are facing on that front.

In other news, I’ll be at RAC/TRAC for Friday the 26th March, and it looks like I’m helping out at the ESRC ‘Early iron and change’ workshop taking place the Saturday and Sunday that weekend. It’s great to get into the ESRC workshop, which is a closed-shop, but at the same time I can’t believe I’ll be missing ‘More than Just Numbers? Science, Archaeology, and the Romans’ by Irene Schrüfer-Kolb on the Saturday morning of RAC. What sadness! Fingers crossed they publish a proceedings in good time.


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