I’ve been reading the EnglishRussia site for over a year now, and I have to admit it is amazing.

It’s essentially a blog site written in moderate English by Russia, showcasing mad, weird, outlandish, awesome, and unreal things in Russia culture. Most frequent are posts about odd things from the Soviet past. Almost all posts are long sets of photographs, some of them of truly amazing things.

From an archaeologist’s point of view, it has some amazing 20th century objects, sites, buildings and historical figures or scenes. I get the distinct impression that massive quantities of Russia Soviet history is just disappearing, so these photobloggers are going to be really important sources of information.

Recent examples of interest are the now mostly abandoned coal-pit “Podmoskovnaya”:

The coal-pit "Podmoskovnaya", from EnglishRussia

Antonov. The World’s Heaviest and Largest Jet:

Antonov, the world's largest jet, from EnglishRussia

And colour photographs from 1896:

Czech photographer's work in 1896, from EnglishRussia

Seriously, this website is constantly interesting! Watch out for the low-level propaganda and a few fake-appearing photographs, but the majority of the stuff seems sound. There’s a massive back-catalogue, and it updates reasonably regularly. Enjoy!


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