Snow chains for shoes from leather and chain-mail links

What every discerning archaeologist in the snow needs! Snow chains for your shoes!

I’m not very confident on ice and slippery snow, so I’d been looking on the web from some crampon-type things but wasn’t sure about what would be good, long-lasting and suitable for walking on clear pavements and roads as well as ice (actual crampons not being a lot of use for that). My boyfriend suggested we make our own… and a bit of research and thought, experimentation and a whole lot of leather, chain-mail links, rivets and buckles later, and success. We took them for a couple of trial walks, and I can safely say that they are pretty damn awesome. No slipping, no sliding, you can stride along without worry. And even better, you can walk around on concrete and asphalt without a problem as well.

These are fully adjustable, so they can fit any kind of shoe, but they do look most awesome on my walking boots! I used a criss-cross pattern on the chains, so that there’s not too much chain but you still get good coverage. You can see the pattern better on my boyfriend’s pair:


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