Social network for major museums?

An interesting article in the BBC recently indicates a new National Museums Online Learning Project, described as ‘social networking for museums’. It involves the major London museums (British Museum and Victoria, Albert Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Natural History Gallery, the Tate, the Wallace Collection, and Imperial War Museum) as well as a few outside surprises (Royal Armouries and Sir John Soane’s Museum).

Sir John Soane's Museum

It’s all a bit vague at the moment (and has been for six months or more), but I imagine it’ll be along the lines of Facebook, where you can share images etc and form groups and events. Could be very useful for keeping track of museum events, etc, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether this £1.5 million project has the necessary functionality… I do wonder whether the money might have been better spend elsewhere!

Hopefully we’ll find out some more soon.

Candle-lit Late-night opening at Sir John Soane’s Museum

A quick reminder that this coming Tuesday 3rd March is late night opening at Sir John Soane’s Museum! This kooky museum is a must see, as it’s jam-packed full of curiosities and artefacts collected throughout its owner’s lifetime. I’ve never been to the candle-lit opening but apparently its very popular. I can’t imagine how they manage the health and safety issues but I look forwards to finding out!


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