Not too much in the news of interest this week. It seems like the credit crunch is spoiling everything!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week – I am desperately trying to get a funding application in. However I have been on a mission to add more links to the right-hand side. In addition, I am off to London to see museums tomorrow, so I will probably have a review or two up my sleeves!

In other news, I have booked onto the World Iron Conference 2009 16th-20th February, London (though due to limited vacation days I won’t be at all of it). They still have places if you’re interested, and the people running it are very nice. Anyway, there will doubtless be a review of that in the future.

But now, for the news!

New free to access journal from the British Museum
Two months free access to Scottish Archaeology Journal
Petition to extend the Draft Heritage Protection Bill to ships

(Okay… very brief news. But I tried!)

New free to access journal from the British Museum

I know, what a shock! In this day and age. But yes, a free to access peer-reviewed journal from the British Museum, entitled ‘Bronze Age Review‘.

Issue one is up on the website now, and although the Bronze Age isn’t my thing, it looks interesting. Article titles are:

A canon for the Bronze Age? (unfortunately not  cannon)
The Bronze Age climate and environment of Britain
Prospects and potential in the archaeology of Bronze Age Britain
The agenda gap? Approaches to the Bronze Age in current research frameworks
Information, interaction and society
Towards a fuller, more nuanced narrative of Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain 2500–1500 BC
Bronze Age pottery and settlements in southern England

And whilst we’re talking about online BM publications, for the research minded there’s also the British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, of which issue one is also out (it’s annual – next one in autumn), and for those of an Egyptian bent, there’s British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan, of which ten issues are available.

Two months free access to Scottish Archaeology Journal

Not quite as exciting as the BM’s journals… but the Scottish Archaeological Journal is free to access for two months (as are the other journals at Edinburgh University Press). Not great, but you  know, better than nothing, right?

Petition to extend the draft Heritage Protection Bill to ships

Never mind the fact that we don’t even know when (or cynically, if ) the Heritage Protection Bill will be brought to debate, some bright soul wants to include historic ships in the Bill. To you and me, that means some form of Listing/Scheduled statutory status, essentially giving the government the ability to demand that their owners don’t let them fall into decay.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with this. Historic ships (unlike shipwrecks) aren’t covered by the Maritime Bill (currently being debated) or current Listing legislation, and do need protection. Whils the Heritage Protection Bill is delayed, we should make the most of the opportunity and at least get it right – which means making it good enough to stand up to prolonged use. It’s no good if we need to change it straight away, and historic ships do need protection.

If you want to support the idea, you can sign the petition (that is, if you’re a British citizen). Of course, that won’t actually change anything, but just like demonstration marches, it hopefully makes people more aware of what the public actually thinks. Here’s hoping, anyway.


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